Top 4 Reasons Girls Love Guys With Cats

So you’ve been trying to figure out what makes women fall in love with men, or at least what attracts them to him? No matter if it’s your neighbor, co-worker, or someone on an online dating site, the one thing is certain — they all want to know “why?” It can get frustrating when you just don’t understand something as simple as this.

You might be great in bed but have no idea why women like men with cats. If you are looking for the answer, there are some things that may turn them off. Maybe you should consider giving up your pet of choice (that would probably be a small dog) and try these four reasons why girls love guys with cats instead.

Here are four reasons why women love guys with cats…

They Know How To Have Fun

Guys with cats are fun because they are always doing something interesting. Whether they are going on long walks, playing games, or watching TV, they never seem bored. This goes hand in hand with another reason why women love guys with cats.

Women find boys with cats adorable because they make such a fuss over their pets. When you take care of animals, it shows through your actions. As opposed to those guys who sit around all day and complain about whatever they do not have, guys with cats go outside and look for new adventures.

They Make Great Pet Owners

Girls also really enjoy having a man who takes good care of his pet. A lot of times, you will see them interacting with dogs and even cats. These types of people are usually very gentle and kind towards animals. The way they treat animals demonstrates that they are responsible and caring.

A woman who wants a serious relationship with her partner needs to think about whether he is a responsible person when it comes to taking care of a pet. She should be able to trust that he won’t leave her animal alone while she is away for a few hours. Also, she should feel comfortable knowing that he will put her cat down when it’s time to sleep.

They Are Loyal and Intelligent

One of the most important things that women look for in a boyfriend is loyalty. One sign of a loyal man is one who stays by his girl when she has problems. He doesn’t run from her side when life gets tough. Instead, he sticks by her side and gives her support when she needs help.

When a boy with a cat acts intelligent, it means he knows how to solve problems without anyone else’s help. Men with cats aren’t afraid to ask questions and learn more about anything that interests them. Plus, they are quick learners.

This trait allows them to quickly pick up a new skill or hobby. For example, I used to hate math until my friend told me about Sudoku. Now I’m addicted!

Another sign of intelligence is using tools properly. A lot of people spend tons of money on expensive gadgets, only to use them once and throw them away. On the other hand, a smart man with a cat uses tools efficiently, thereby saving himself lots of money.

The bottom line here is that a woman does not want a man who does everything for her. She wants a man who helps her grow. In return, she’ll give him the same unconditional love and support.

Women Find Them Attractive

There are many different kinds of attractive men. Some women prefer tall men with dark hair and blue eyes. Others prefer shorter men with blonde hair and green/blue/hazel-colored eyes. Still, others prefer short curly haired men with brown/red/blonde hair and brown/bronze-colored eyes. And some women simply like men with black hair and brown eyes.

Regardless of which type of man appeals to you the most, chances are that if a woman likes that particular man, so do other women. Why? Because women tend to find men with cats attractive for multiple reasons.

First, they are cute. Just like any other animal, cats often look smaller than we expect them to actually be. There are pictures and videos available online showing kittens making faces at grown men. When a kid with a cat approaches you, you’ll wonder where that tiny little kitty came from.

Second, cats are sweet. This is especially true when they see kids approaching adults. They come running up to greet them, purring loudly and rubbing against their legs.

Third, cats are playful. Kids with cats are active. They play catch, chase each other, climb trees, walk around, etc. Their energy makes everyone smile. Even if you aren’t a fan of children, you can still appreciate the zest they bring to life.

Finally, cats are reliable. You know exactly where your cat will be at every moment. Your cat will either be sleeping near you or walking next to you. Unlike dogs, cats rarely bark or whine to get your attention. They depend on you for their food, water, and shelter.

Hopefully, after reading this article you now have a better understanding of why women love guys with cats. But remember, attraction isn’t based solely on looks. Once you start meeting people and getting to know them, you’ll soon realize if they are right for you. Then you can decide if you’d like to pursue a romantic relationship.

In the meantime, keep an open mind and continue exploring the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone special someday. Or perhaps you already have!

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